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Cozswain Technologies Limited is operational in Broadcasting business since 2000. In the broadcasting business. the sky is the limit. Literally that translates to the hundreds of satellites up there in space, and for us on earth that simply means that there are hundreds of choices to choose from. Direct to Home service providers are mushrooming faster everyday vying to gain supremacy in every home. That's When the common man takes a step to choose only quality of content and captivating programming. The Indian TV audience has the knowhow and the money power to choose what they want on their TV screen. And the choice is an average family is varied and yet each member of the family wants precisely what satisfies their specific needs.

The days of mass, monopolized programming may be a long forgotten historical fact in the urban communities, but mind you the story is not very different in the rural communities too. The common Indian cannot be fed anything anymore; the common Indian has learnt to choose. The tables have turned. To capture audiences in wide and culture varied India, only content that caters to those multiple choices will see through the next decade.

That precisely is what Coxswain Technologies has in mind. A plethora of channels that offers content ranging from Shopping through Television, highly researched edutainment packages for children to teary, twisty plotted family soaps for the anxious house wife; the latest filmy news, views and music to the search for truth and peace through the Gospel.

Coxswain Technologies uplinks channels of varied content for a multiple demographic. This multipronged approach is the key for success for this Company. This expertise comes from a management that has been in the TV broadcast business from 2001, launching South India’s most successful multi- lingual music channel, SS Music.

In the broadcasting business, the sky is the limit and in the Coxswain Technologies preferred future, there is no limit!

Currently the channels coming out of the Coxswain house include





Coxswain Technologies Limited has secured Uplinking / Downlinking licences from the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, New Delhi and is currently uplinking the following Free To Air channels

OUR Channels

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