While the focus has been more on the growing technology and fashion in the entire world, an equally good effort is being made by Rakshana TV a 24 hour TV Channel, fully committed to send the gospel of Gods immense love towards mankind and to bring great blessings of Salvation to millions of people broken in their soul, mind and body. Rakshana TV has been extensively involved in coming up with devotional songs, devotional programs and various other discourses and speeches by their evangelists.

This channel has a clear vision of broadcasting programmes on various themes such as spiritual, education, etc. Encouraging and uplifting, they show the many ways God moves our lives. The channel’s insistence on upholding the high standards network television expects – and the importance of personal faith – means that the programmes are respected and watched by innumerable viewers. Rakshana TV a unique and ambitious channel – quite uncommon to the routine stream of telecasting, reaches out to its viewers as an all-family TV with the highest seat of spiritualism, source of all wisdom, home of all knowledge, focusing on the elevation and awakening of the soul and the enhancement of the power within us and upliftment of Human life in all its spheres.

Rakshana TV with its well-balanced Christian lifestyle programming aims at awakening people to realize the spiritual aspects in their life and hence enriching Religion and Spiritual solidarity and reaching the world with a positive note.

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