SWARA SAGAR is 24/7 is a dedicated "Shopping TV Channel". The channel showcases products which provide extraordinary value and exceptional quality. Shoppoholics can now exult as they can shop from the comfort of their homes at any given time of the day. this channel does not deal with "Magical Products" (like Yantras, Kavachams, Magical Hair Oil,etc). The Channel is available in 10 million households in Tamilnadu.

SWARA SAGAR promises to give the consumer a never before experienced pathway. Swara Sagar will enable consumers to across quality products from the relaxed ambience, and comfort of their living room sofa! fashion jewelery, Fashion, Shoes & handbags, Beauty, Kitchen, Electronics, Home Decor, Home Solutions, Wellness products, the list is endless where the consumer will be able to make the informed choice before making the decision to purchase

swara sagar aims at placing the consumer at a position of convenience right from being able to view premium products with uncluttered content to easy and low risk payment options. from the TV screen to doorstep delivery! Swara Sagar is a one-step solution to even the most critique shophoholic!

one of the main features and the offer made through TV is that the products ordered by the customers will be Door Delivered and Cash will be paid on delivery of the products.

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